Business Personalities

Which type of Business Owner/Salesperson are YOU?

Type One - Mr/Ms Complacent

Mr/Ms Complacent is usually someone who has been in business for some time. They stopped putting effort into “selling” and “marketing” a long time ago, happy with whatever money is coming in the door. And as far as Indigenous sales go, if Indigenous people walk in the door, then great. If not, that’s fine too.

No surprise, Mr/Ms Complacent is at risk of losing their business. The Indigenous population is the youngest population in Canada and the only one that is GROWING. If you are here and you are this type, then you know deep inside you can’t stay this way, not if you want to stay in business.

Chances are great that Type One will not reach out to IEC until closure is imminent. Luckily, we have supports and products that can help QUICKLY to turn this situation around! If this is YOU, contact us today!


Type Two - Mr/Ms Status Quo

Mr/Ms Status Quo have also been in business for some time or at least in sales. They want to make money any way they can, and they know how! They know all the tricks and they are positive that their methods work in any market, including Indigenous communities. However, they have been “ghosted” by Indigenous customers in the past. They are not sure why that happened, although they are positive it had nothing to do with them or their tactics.

In many Indigenous communities, this type of business/salesman is known as a “bulldozer”. They run over their customer, insisting they know “exactly what the customer needs”. Their style shows how wrong they are, especially when it comes to servicing Indigenous markets.

IEC has the services, the information, and the TRAINING to ensure that Mr/Ms Status Quo does not continue being their own worst enemy. Whether you prefer self-training via our manual or a live seminar, we can ensure you continue to be successful EVEN in Indigenous communities. Contact us today if you are a Type Two Personality!


Type Three - Mr/Ms Socially Conscious

This business owner/salesperson is HIGHLY aware of the social climate in Canada today. He is woke to Canadian history and the injustices suffered by Indigenous people. Sadly, that leaves him/her afraid to move.

This type would LOVE to work with, sell to, and service Indigenous markets but he/she is afraid to add insult to injury. They don’t want to offend anyone. They don’t want to be disrespectful. They are caring and often loving people, but they would also love to build their business. After all, they have families to feed too. They just want to do it in the “right” way.

Indigenous Engagement Canada has the training and the resources to ensure that Mr/Ms Social Conscious is armed with enough information to be able to confidently work with Indigenous communities, without any fear of stepping on toes.


Type Four - Mr/Ms Business of the Times

This type of business owner/salesperson is the goal – the end game. This person is committed and willing to work hard to grow their business AND is willing to put in the time to learn how to work with Indigenous customers and communities in a new and respectful way.

This business owner/salesperson has been doing some research. They understand privilege and who has it and who doesn’t. They have no interest in “bulldozer” sales tactics. They want to build their business on a firm foundation of genuine caring relationships with all their customers, including Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Engagement Canada wants to recognize these businesses with our “INDIGENOUS READY” certification that can be displayed in shop windows (decals), on office walls (framed certificate) and on your website (logo). Contact us today to get yours! YOU DESERVE IT!


    We, at Indigenous Engagement Canada, understand that business is keen to engage with, partner with, and sell to the Indigenous peoples of Canada.

    We are ready to assist you to take that step!


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