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Is your Business Indigenous Ready?

1. Do you have an Indigenous target market in mind? *
2. How experienced are you with selling to Indigenous people/communities specifically? *
3. Why do you want to increase sales to Indigenous peoples/communities? *
4. Do you have any Indigenous staff? *
5. Have you ever been “ghosted” by an Indigenous client or customer? *
6. How aware are you of the social climate in Canada right now, especially as it pertains to Indigenous peoples? *
7. How familiar are you with the Residential School Era/System, the 60’s Scoop, and our present-day Child Welfare System as it relates to Indigenous youth in care? *
8. How familiar are you with the Truth and Reconciliation’s 94 Calls to Action? Do you know how many (and which ones) pertain to your business? *
9. Are you nervous about working with or selling to Indigenous peoples? *
10. Are you ready to take steps to ensure your success in marketing and servicing your identified Indigenous target market? *

    We, at Indigenous Engagement Canada, understand that business is keen to engage with, partner with, and sell to the Indigenous peoples of Canada.

    We are ready to assist you to take that step!


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