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We lead non-Indigenous and Indigenous Canadians away from painful past practices into new, respectful, responsive and harmonious relationships that build prosperous communities, businesses, and individuals.

Owner/Lead Consultant – Sandi Boucher

Sandi Boucher is an industry-leader in the areas of Indigenous Engagement and Empowerment. As a proud Indigenous woman who has enjoyed decades of mainstream business success, she has dedicated her life to the enrichment of others.

Known for her passionate style that speaks “to hearts not minds”, Sandi has been working diligently to “build bridges” between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people for decades. Her national expertise and effective communication skills have won her the confidence of business owners across Canada.

She believes in the future prosperity of Canadian business which is why she created and launched Indigenous Engagement Canada.

Earl McIvor – Assessment Officer

Earl McIvor has contributed his expertise to the profit and non-profit sectors (education, forestry, manufacturing, telecommunication, healthcare) for more than 30 years. He specializes in finance and human resource management, with a focus on business analysis. He was granted his Chartered Professional Accountant designation in 1995 and earned his Certified Human Resources Professional designation in 2005.

Earl comes to IEC with his eyes wide open. He is dedicated to using his skills to prepare businesses for success within the Indigenous market. As an individual of mixed ancestry, he understands the challenges that cross-cultural communication can present, making him an ideal driver for this endeavor.

Indigenous Engagement Canada is a win-win scenario!

Indigenous Engagement Canada is committed to meeting people where they are…

  • Small businesses in Canada are striving to stay alive. By educating them on how to successfully engage with Indigenous communities, families and individuals, Indigenous people benefit by having access to more products and services and the small businesses have the benefit of increased sales.
  • Non-Indigenous non-profits are doing their best to service their clients, a group that often includes Indigenous peoples of various ages, experiences, and cultures. By educating these agencies on the barriers and challenges they will see in Indigenous homes and communities, Indigenous people benefit from respectful, informed service while the agencies achieve their goal – provided services that truly assist.
  • Non-Indigenous individuals wish to learn and understand to levels that are just not supported in our present educational systems. IEC can assist with that, ensuring that respectful bi-cultural relationships increase in number.

IEC is committed to the implementation of the
Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action.

    We, at Indigenous Engagement Canada, understand that business is keen to engage with, partner with, and sell to the Indigenous peoples of Canada.

    We are ready to assist you to take that step!


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